• Free Honesty

    July 24, 2014 | Posted By: | Art |

    Here are some images from my latest experiment at Pillsbury House + Theatre as part of my Naked Stages Fellowship.








    Wanna know more?  Stay tuned for updates about my hours.  There will be more.




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    Lastest Build

    March 12, 2014 | Posted By: | Art |

    Busy busy busy…

    Check out the latest piece I helped build/sculpt with Designer Chris Lutter-Gardella for the James Sewell Ballet.

    Inferno Devil

    Inferno Devil Mask

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    My next (next) project

    April 22, 2013 | Posted By: | Art |

    So some, none, or many of you may know about my piece Objectification that is currently in development and slated to have it’s world premiere in 2015, but I don’t think anyone knows much about my other project at the moment.  Myself included.  Why should that stop me from telling you all about it?

    My inspiration for this piece comes from a few sources.  First is a reaction against my other current project Objectification. Don’t get me wrong I love it and think all the work going into it is absolutely worthwhile, but it’s also nice to make art that requires less logistics, funding, and resources.  For years I’ve harbored a secrets longing to be a musician.  I’ve practiced my piano chords, tried in vain to strum away at a guitar, taken up Djembe, and even spent a fair amount of time with an ol harmonica.  This is the project where I want to challenge myself to rise to a level I have yet to achieve in my musicianship.  Lastly, I want to continue my exploration of new ways to create this thing called theatre and connect to the folks who sit and watch us…

    Somethings that I think I know about this piece….

    – It will be a solo show. Just me.

    – There will be a variety of performance mediums included (puppetry, dance, song)

    – It will be humorous. Mostly. Maybe.

    – It will take place in venues other than “proper” theaters. (living rooms, back yards, roof tops)

    – It will travel from place to place and grow and develop. It will never be the same.

    – I will once again do some writing, but will also do some non-writing aka  improvise.

    – It will be political. that’s Political.

    – It will all fit into my new best buddy pictured below.




    Stay tuned for more developments on this project and more announcements of my goings on this year!


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    New Project!

    February 3, 2013 | Posted By: | Art |


    I wanted to share a few images from my latest project. More details will come…




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    What is my process? (5)

    February 3, 2013 | Posted By: | Art · life |

    Well, the performance happened! It went really well.  I’ll be adding materials to the portfolio section of my website, but in the mean time here are a few pictures:

    paper pieces part three

    paper pieces part one

    In the 11th hour i recruited the fabulous emily hall, with whom I write a burger blog. So many of the choices I was wrestling with  became clear once I needed to explain how I wanted the performance to work to another person.  Unfortunately, video of the piece doesn’t exist.  This entry is a little weak I know, but I’ve lost steam from this project.  I suppose the best thing to do would be write a conclusion of some sort….

    My process is not fixed.

    My process is unpredictable.

    My process is one of my favorite things about being an artist. I like that I can imagine in ways that no one of few have dared. I like that I’m an inventor, an alchemist, a pagan, and a priest.

    My process is in process.

    My process can be torturous, especially when I’m in charge and the new people in the room don’t realize how much I trust The process.  I don’t have to know exactly what I’m doing if I trust and just keep doing.

    My process is unapologetic.

    My process is a truer reflection of who I am than a mirror.

    My process is silly, fun, slappy, happy, smiles.

    My process is an ongoing adventure with my bestest pals inspiration and aesthetics.

    Best of all my process is mine.  I love to share it, but even if I wanted to I wouldn’t know how to give it away.

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    What is My Process? (3)

    December 31, 2012 | Posted By: | Art · Theatre |

    Time is still very scarce, so I’ll be brief.  I started picking and listening to music last night and today and themes starting presenting themselves…

    birds and v

    Birds, V’s, & Faces.

    Now, I’ll let this sit and see what other themes will emerge.

    (For those who don’t know this is part of an short series leading up to my upcoming performance at the Baltimore Puppet Slam January 19th.  As as experiment for myself and audiences, I’m documenting how the piece is developing from nothing to finished product.  Stay tuned for more updates.)

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    December 31, 2012 | Posted By: | Art · life |

    What a year!

    Some of my highlights include:

    Working with Basil Twist, Lee Breuer, & Kwame Kwei-Armah. I need to work with more women! Hire me ladies!

    Bmore Puppet slam – Adventures in Technology N’ Stuff. My first professional puppetry gig.

    The NYC Premiere of “21 Thing I Never Told Chicago,”  which was also my very first show in NYC.

    Moving out of Baltimore.  Just not my cup of lake trout.

    Finishing my last class of grad school (so hopefully last class ever)!

    Moving to Philadelphia.  West Philly if you’re cool.

    Being connected and reconnected with so many wonderful folks in 2012.  I look forward to what and who 2013 might bring…  I’m excited for another year of life, creativity, happiness, and love.

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    What is My Process?(2)

    December 28, 2012 | Posted By: | Art · Don't be silly! · Theatre |

    Here is a page of notes for Eric F. Avery Presents a New Piece by Eric F. Avery; OR Paper Pieces  




      It’s a frighteningly accurate depiction of my thought process for this particular piece in this particular moment…  I’m quieting the part of my brain that creates ideas and now I’m searching for a container or a thread or some means of ordering the chaos.  I have no particular interest in logic or narrative for this particular piece (or in general), but I do want a clear understanding of how these things relate to one another in a theatrical space.  If it’s not clear by now.  I have a great trust in the process of creation.  Something will emerge.

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    What is theatre TODAY?

    November 19, 2012 | Posted By: | Art · life · Theatre |

    Today. November 19th.  Theatre is a pain, it’s a pleasure, it’s a dream of a future that may or may not choose to reveal itself.  I’m ankle deep in thesis work, but what’s truly on my mind is: what’s next?  Not only am I curious about where the heck this wanderer will end up in a few months, but I’ve also been recently wondering if theatre will ever look like something different than what it is today.  Will it function differently or serve a different purpose for different communities?  I certainly hope so, but as the odometer ticks I get a lose a little more faith that it will.

    I was really inspired this weekend when I interviewed Hanne Tierney and hung out at the gallery she runs: Five Myles. I don’t wanna go gushing all over the internet, but I was really moved by talking with her and experiencing the gallery.  It made me think about my own current thoughts about thangs.  I’ve been wanting a space of my own, but had never really considered a multi-disciplinary space.  Although, duh.  Of course I want to be in close proximity to visual artists, musicians, dancers, cooks, gardeners, programmers, etc, we have to much to learn from each other, so much to share.  Where will this space be? How will I procure it?  These, I suppose, will have to be addressed another time.  maybe once i’m a grown up with brilliant ideas….

    So I guess, Today, theatre is a little old-fashioned and a little too insular for my tastes. Not that exceptions don’t exist, but on the whole, theater is a closed institution.  Even within the field, folks are so wrapped up in their specializations and interest groups that they rarely get the chance or take the opportunity to stroll around and see what else there is.  What’s happening neighbor?  Today, I want to introduce theatre to some folks it hasn’t met and perhaps expose it to somethings it never considered.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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    What is Theatre today?

    May 2, 2012 | Posted By: | Art · Theatre |

    I don’t mean that in the sense of 2012 or even the 20xx’s, but what is theatre on this day?  It’s a question I’ve been asking myself recently and I love that it changes day by day or week by week. Sometimes old themes return and new ones emerge.  Long story short. This is a thing I’m going to write about starting…. now.

    Today…. I’m full of hope for American Theatre.  I look at various news sources and things seem to be improving. Patrons are giving again.  New programs are starting like this.  Some think of theatre like a dying institution, but I  think that the theatre I prescribe to was never a part of those institutions.  Theatre is an underdog story.  It has to be.  As soon as something is popular in this country it is a commodity and maybe I’m an idealist or an elitist, but commodities are not art. At least in the Andy Warhol way they aren’t. Perhaps in the Buddhist way… Ya know finding beauty in everything.  Meh.  Thankfully, we don’t need to know what’s what until tomorrow and today there’s hope.

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    Spring Excitement

    March 26, 2012 | Posted By: | Art |

    Oooooh, so many exciting things are happening!  This week: Basil Twist’s Symphonie Fantastique, Shovel in the Dirt by Still Pointe Theatre Initiative, and Black Cherry’s new piece Between Mean.  I also hope to see the show at the Strand, but there are only so many days and hours.  Go out and see something!

    I have another exciting announcement to make about this May, but I’ll wait until I have all of the details… I’ll give a hint. Transmodern Festival.  Aw yeah.


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    March 16, 2012 | Posted By: | Art · Friendly :) |

    I just finished a day of exploration with the fabulous Anna Fitzgerald on my latest piece: Objectification.  Things are moving right a long and the project is really starting to take me in some fascinating directions.  Check out this video of a light puppet.  Not a shadow puppet, not a black light puppet. a light puppet.  I hope to have many more things to share soon.

    This weekend be sure and see something fabulous.  I’m off to The House of Fitzcarraldo on Saturday!  Hurray for Kansas artists!  Also, I might see Porgy and Bess and maybe a downtown show… Who knows with NYC.

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    January is an exciting time!

    January 16, 2012 | Posted By: | Art · Friendly :) · Theatre |

    So it seems my website is slowly, but surely making progress.  I should have everything I’ve got up by the beginning of February, which is great!

    The Puppet Slamwich at Black Cherry Puppet Theatre was wonderful!  So many cool artists… Thanks to those who were able to make it out.  I will post pictures as soon as I get some.

    Tomorrow, I start work on my next original production: Objectification.  It’s a complicated one, so I’ll just be workshopping some of the concepts, but it should be a crazy time.  I look forward to posting more.

    I start an internship at Centerstage this Tuesday with the wonderful Kwame Kwei-Armah, so clearly super jazzed.

    I also am going to be doing some stand up comedy. So. There’s that too.

    So many things to look forward to in the bleak mid-winter.

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    Back in BMORE!

    January 11, 2012 | Posted By: | Art · Theatre |

    I’m back in Baltimore and so much better at all things digital with my trusty sidekick: MAC. He’s a computer. Anywho, click on the picture above if you haven’t already to check out the poster for the puppet slam I’ll be performing in this weekend.

    I’m sure there are many wonderful artists involved in this: My pals are performing January 13th. It’s sure to be a good time! If not, I’ll buy even more drinks!

    And lastly as mentioned before: I’ll be there the 21st!

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