What is Theatre today?

May 2, 2012 | Posted By: | Art · Theatre |

I don’t mean that in the sense of 2012 or even the 20xx’s, but what is theatre on this day?  It’s a question I’ve been asking myself recently and I love that it changes day by day or week by week. Sometimes old themes return and new ones emerge.  Long story short. This is a thing I’m going to write about starting…. now.

Today…. I’m full of hope for American Theatre.  I look at various news sources and things seem to be improving. Patrons are giving again.  New programs are starting like this.  Some think of theatre like a dying institution, but I  think that the theatre I prescribe to was never a part of those institutions.  Theatre is an underdog story.  It has to be.  As soon as something is popular in this country it is a commodity and maybe I’m an idealist or an elitist, but commodities are not art. At least in the Andy Warhol way they aren’t. Perhaps in the Buddhist way… Ya know finding beauty in everything.  Meh.  Thankfully, we don’t need to know what’s what until tomorrow and today there’s hope.