What is my process?

December 21, 2012 | Posted By: | Uncategorized |

I’ve spent a lot of time in grad school thinking about this question and I’m sure I’ll continue to. I thought it would be neat and/or fun to track my process as I work on a piece.  So yeah… Here we go.

A few weeks ago I signed up  again to perform at the Baltimore Puppet Slamwich.  So it seems kinda backwards, but getting a gig or opportunity is usually the first step for me. I need the pressure! I don’t know what my deal is. Yes, I can casually create, but to really get it up artistically I need a deadline looming.   It’s rarely negative though, which is nice.

So…. Next up.  What the hell am I doing? It’s a delightfully terrifying moment. The idea free fall.  Anything is possible. All options are open.  Too many choices. I love it! It’s the opposite of writer’s block.  For the slam I’m thinking about doing something with paper, doing something abstract, doing something meta-theatrical, and doing something humorous. I don’t know what any of those mean specifically for this piece, but they are things I’m curious about intersecting with puppetry and each other in this moment.

That’s where we are.  I know I know I know. I need to make some choices, find a structure, get it on its feet, start making a piece instead of thinking a piece.  I will. Eventually, I will. Wish me luck.