My next (next) project

April 22, 2013 | Posted By: | Art |

So some, none, or many of you may know about my piece Objectification that is currently in development and slated to have it’s world premiere in 2015, but I don’t think anyone knows much about my other project at the moment.  Myself included.  Why should that stop me from telling you all about it?

My inspiration for this piece comes from a few sources.  First is a reaction against my other current project Objectification. Don’t get me wrong I love it and think all the work going into it is absolutely worthwhile, but it’s also nice to make art that requires less logistics, funding, and resources.  For years I’ve harbored a secrets longing to be a musician.  I’ve practiced my piano chords, tried in vain to strum away at a guitar, taken up Djembe, and even spent a fair amount of time with an ol harmonica.  This is the project where I want to challenge myself to rise to a level I have yet to achieve in my musicianship.  Lastly, I want to continue my exploration of new ways to create this thing called theatre and connect to the folks who sit and watch us…

Somethings that I think I know about this piece….

– It will be a solo show. Just me.

– There will be a variety of performance mediums included (puppetry, dance, song)

– It will be humorous. Mostly. Maybe.

– It will take place in venues other than “proper” theaters. (living rooms, back yards, roof tops)

– It will travel from place to place and grow and develop. It will never be the same.

– I will once again do some writing, but will also do some non-writing aka  improvise.

– It will be political. that’s Political.

– It will all fit into my new best buddy pictured below.




Stay tuned for more developments on this project and more announcements of my goings on this year!