Favorite Best Buddy

August 16, 2013 | Posted By: | Uncategorized |

My one man show is coming along there’s a small chance it might be traveling sooner than even I thought.  I’ll certainly keep you posted about developments.  This month I’ll be starting work a collaborator and I’ll also be participating in ART IS EASY IN 2014, an installation at the Soap Factory this fall.  It’s an interesting concept.  As part of the installation artists will be working on new work and I’ll be tentatively working on Wasted Ruins [working title].  I look forward being a part of it.  I’ll send more details when I have them.


Lastly, I found the love of my life.

 Photo on 8-16-13 at 10.34 AM

It’s a charango.  It’s from Bolivia.  It’s my favorite.  It’s coming soon to ears near you….