Excited to almost announce!

February 25, 2014 | Posted By: | Uncategorized |

It’s been a pretty incredible journey this past year and I’m so excited to announce 4 major projects lined up so far in 2014, but I can’t yet because of  one small problem four small problems.

Project 1. Has funding and concept, but no title or official venue.

Project 2. Has venue and concept, but no dates.

Project 3. Has a venue, funding, and dates, but it’s someone else project and currently being kept under wraps.

Project 4. Has funding, venue, dates, concept, and title.  I wanted to announce more than one thing.

Two of the projects will be happening in Minneapolis, MN and two will be happening in NYC.  I’m so freaking excited though to get more details fleshed out and let everyone know what cool stuff is coming down the pipe. pike? Pipe.  Stay tuned for this information and surprisingly even more to come including changes to my website, opportunities to get involved in my work, and potential projects happening in my home state of Kansas.  Thanks for reading!