What is theatre TODAY?

November 19, 2012 | Posted By: | Art · life · Theatre |

Today. November 19th.  Theatre is a pain, it’s a pleasure, it’s a dream of a future that may or may not choose to reveal itself.  I’m ankle deep in thesis work, but what’s truly on my mind is: what’s next?  Not only am I curious about where the heck this wanderer will end up in a few months, but I’ve also been recently wondering if theatre will ever look like something different than what it is today.  Will it function differently or serve a different purpose for different communities?  I certainly hope so, but as the odometer ticks I get a lose a little more faith that it will.

I was really inspired this weekend when I interviewed Hanne Tierney and hung out at the gallery she runs: Five Myles. I don’t wanna go gushing all over the internet, but I was really moved by talking with her and experiencing the gallery.  It made me think about my own current thoughts about thangs.  I’ve been wanting a space of my own, but had never really considered a multi-disciplinary space.  Although, duh.  Of course I want to be in close proximity to visual artists, musicians, dancers, cooks, gardeners, programmers, etc, we have to much to learn from each other, so much to share.  Where will this space be? How will I procure it?  These, I suppose, will have to be addressed another time.  maybe once i’m a grown up with brilliant ideas….

So I guess, Today, theatre is a little old-fashioned and a little too insular for my tastes. Not that exceptions don’t exist, but on the whole, theater is a closed institution.  Even within the field, folks are so wrapped up in their specializations and interest groups that they rarely get the chance or take the opportunity to stroll around and see what else there is.  What’s happening neighbor?  Today, I want to introduce theatre to some folks it hasn’t met and perhaps expose it to somethings it never considered.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings.