Why 2013 was so great…

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A lot of people get really excited about a new year.  It’s a chance to start fresh, an opportunity to do it all over again, to try once more at this whole life thing.  This year, I’m not.  2013 was so amazing and I’m a little reluctant to let it go.  BUT letting go is supposed to healthy or whatever, so I decided to make a list of some of my accomplishments to help me let them go along with the year.

10. WHITE [people] – I did a version of my latest project at the Filmstrip Lecture Series at the Tannex in Albuquerque, NM. Goodbye for now.

9. Moved back to the Midwest – Yup, I live in Minneapolis again and I couldn’t be happier about it. Peace out east coast.

8. Awarded my first residency – At the Pilot Balloon Church-House in Lawrence, KS to work on a project with my pal Julia M. Smith.  Onward.

7. Objectification – My thesis project, an abstract puppetry installation, to be tentatively remounted in 2015 at a theatre in Minneapolis.  See ya later traditional theatre.

6. Graduating from Towson University – It was a long 3 years and I came out on top. MFA y’all!

5. La Divina Caricatura – There’s nothing like working with a living legend and I was really floored to be a part of this amazing production with Lee Breuer at LaMaMa. Buh-Bye history making art.

4. Return to teaching – I had sworn off teaching a while ago and this summer marked my return thanks to Public Art Saint Paul.  So long.

3. The HOUSE show – Another one of my latest projects that came to fruition this year.  Ciao.

2.  Basil Twist’s Rite of Spring – Once again I had the chance to work with an artist I truly admire.  Farewell.

1. YOU! – I was surrounded and supported by amazing friends, family, and colleagues.  It’s what made my work and amazing life possible.  See you soon.

Goodbye 2013.  Here’s to the hope that 2014 gives us all what we need.